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"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right."

Henry Ford

If you have ever wanted to make a change, gotten stuck, and then thought to yourself, "It's all in my head!", you're right! We humans like to complicate things. We are able to talk ourselves into or out of anything! Our self-talk and our mindset are key to moving forward in the way we desire. I can help you change them for the better. Isn't it time you start thinking "I can"? 

You already have everything you need to create the life you want. Many of us simply get stuck and don't know how to move forward. At West Metro Hypnosis, you'll learn skills and strategies to move you forward so you can create the biggest, healthiest, most joyful life you can imagine for yourself. I look forward to helping you find the solution that is right for you. And yes, there is always a solution!

West Metro Hypnosis is the premier private practice for Minneapolis and the surrounding area. Located in Eden Prairie, West Metro Hypnosis empowers clients to claim their inner resources, get unstuck and feel better.


Hypnosis is a powerful way to break through whatever is holding you back. This modality taps into the powers within you to bring forth resources that are already present. Hypnosis equips you with skills, strategies, and information to get your subconscious on board with the goals, dreams, and desires you wish to achieve in your life. You don't need fixing because you are not broken!

Hypnosis, truly is a 21st century solution to personal development so YOU can feel better!

Signature Services

These are the four most popular sessions offered by West Metro Hypnosis. For a full list of services, click here. 

Stop Smoking & Take a Breather

Every smoker has their quit date. Will you choose yours or will it be chosen for you? Deciding you've had enough is the first step. Let's talk about the rest. 

Losing Weight to Find Yourself

Losing weight isn't all about the pounds. Often, it's the emotional weight you've been carrying for far too long. You've just taken the first step of finding yourself, now keep going. 

The Anxiety Antidote

The mind will program whatever it can. Even if you decide it's no longer beneficial, the program remains. There is a lot you can do to move out of anxiety and move into a more beneficial state. Are you ready to feel better? 

Midlife Crisis or Midlife Reset?

A lot of big stuff can happen midlife. We begin to ask deeper questions, contemplate our choices & seek meaning. Are you ready to embark on a new journey while honoring your past? 


SOMETHING DIFFERENT:  Hypnosis is not therapy. It's different. It feels good. It's quick. It's effective. The hypnotic experience is all about setting up your success. You're not broken so you don't need to be fixed. You are capable of change and growth! Expect this to be different because it is.

LEARNING:  The most important thing I do is teach skills and strategies that you can implement immediately. I foster empowerment so everything we do together, you can do by yourself. These skills can be transferred to different situations. You begin to see new options where in the past, you've seen only roadblocks.

EFFECTIVENESS:  Your mind is already working perfectly. It is carrying out the programming that you have been conditioned to believe. The subconscious mind does not allow a void to be present. You have to update the programming and replace it with something new. 

COMPASSION & PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE:  Everyone needs a cheerleader to support them and a coach who is going to challenge them. That is what I do! We put judgement aside and work only on solutions. In my eyes, you are already successful. I ask nothing of my clients that I don't ask of myself. Continuing to educate myself beyond what is required is important to me- there is no end to what we can learn and I am always looking for new discoveries.


  • Customized sessions based on your unique needs and individuality.
  • Short term process with long lasting effect.
  • A recording of your session that will be sent in MP3 .
  • Skills and strategies that foster empowerment.
  • A professional environment that feels safe. 

West Metro Hypnosis offers a full range of professional services to support you. Your natural inclination is to grow, become and thrive, in all life areas: personal, professional, relationships, health, and even finances. Check out the different services here, call 952-222-3975 or schedule your free phone consultation:

The results far exceeded my expectations.  I was thinking Kelli would just help align my subconscious with my conscious mind so I would have an easier time working out or staying away from sugar (pretty basic).

Kelli took the time to listen and develop three separate sessions that were unique to my needs.  The sessions were so much more than what I expected.     

Jared W.

Great experience for my teen, he was having increased anxiety to the point of several panic attacks over the summer (and this occurred at activities he normally enjoyed). We tried traditional therapy, and it made little difference. Kelli helped him with understanding how anxiety works/feels in his body and how to deal with it in a productive way, as he says 'she helped make sense of it in a way I can understand'. Highly recommend!!

Clare D. 

I went to see Kelli about becoming a non-smoker. Money well spent. Here I am a whole month later, no cravings and no relapses. Hypnosis is the real deal. Thank you to Kelli again. She is really the best.


Look no further: Kelli is everything you would hope for in a professional hypnotherapist. She is exceptionally gifted - - warm, kind, caring, astute, great sense of humor, and works skillfully to uncover root barriers that get in the way of living your best life. I highly recommend working with Kelli, especially if other methods of therapy haven't yielded the results you want or perhaps you have never tried hypnotherapy. It's an amazingly effective modality and Kelli is a fabulous person!

Shelli M.

Certified Professional Hypnotist Kelli von Heydekampf

About Kelli von Heydekampf

Kelli is the sole owner of West Metro Hypnosis which has been her private practice since 2015. Her path into hypnosis came through her deep interest in the personal development, power of the mind and spiritual teachings. Things in the nature remind us of our resilience, intellingence and our place in the grand scheme of life. Kelli believes that we are all wired to thrive and does her best to exemplify this. It is of utmost importance to her that she provide a safe environment for others to deeply contemplate the important things in their lives and how they wish to participate.  For a more in-depth personal description about Kelli, click here.